Care Model

Model H act as a catalyst for a quantum leap in improving healthcare services and help move the focus away from a hospital based sick care model to research based preventative care model.

Model H is current engagements is a deep dive into finding these future solutions and range from developing protocol driven physical & virtual care tools foreasy accessibility of high quality care at a lower cost for chronic illness, utilization of digital technologies for healthcare professionals to communicate among themselves and their patients, creating computational models to find early detection of diseases like pancreatic cancer and utilize AI to find cure for infections disease like tuberculosis.  Advances in technology has made it possible to make the shift away from hospitals and third party buildings and back to the patient’s own home. The multidisciplinary teams of Model H is working on technologies, techniques and processes to bring some of these innovations to commercialization

Model H engagement model encompasses to plan, activate & manage hospital, clinics, wellness centers& homesas connected network

Model H objective is to bring old fashioned trust back in the medical service providers,by providing empathy based patient experience at the front end, while developing group medical practice to bring the collective knowledge of clinicians to deal with the complexities and advancement in technology and making nursing quality improve through continuous training at the back end.  Differentiators to provide quality care at affordable price.